Vision and ethos

Our Community Working Together To Learn Together

We believe in the need to, and aim to:

  • provide a kind, safe and stimulating environment in which to educate each child so he/she can reach their full potential.
  • create a happy, healthy school in which everyone feels valued.
  • ensure all teaching is targeted to the individual needs of each pupil so they are able to make rapid and sustained progress across the curriculum.
  • have high aspirations and expectations for all children in behaviour and achievement
  • encourage children to be self-motivated, positive learners with enquiring minds so they can apply themselves to tasks with increased self-discipline, and have responsibility for their actions and learning.
  • provide an inclusive, diverse curriculum, which is balanced and differentiated to each child’s needs and ability.
  • use technology to support and engage pupils throughout the curriculum.
  • make sure all pupils develop a strong sense of self; through digital citizenship and e safety lessons.
  • have an ethos in which all children co-operate with each other, to show respect and tolerance towards others.
  • involve parents and carers in their children’s education.   

We achieve all this under the banner of the Maple Grove Five Ways which are:

  • Aspiration
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Honest
  • Kindness

At the Lion Academy Trust, we believe that all children and students have a right to an outstanding education and access to outstanding facilities in order to give them the best chances in life irrespective of race, colour, creed or circumstance.

Our Lion Academy Trust model is based on high-performing schools supporting those schools starting their journey. This model ensures that the very best standards of teaching and learning are developed and that schools are equipped to enable all staff and students to make outstanding progress. This core model of practice is embodied by all schools having high aspirations that exceed expectations for our children, staff and communities.

The Lion Academy Trust believes that obstacles and barriers, both real and perceived, can be overcome by clear, strategic and targeted support that creates culture change based on sharing good and outstanding practice, collegiality and a relentless pursuit of excellence. This leads to high expectations and action to provide opportunities for our children to have high attainment and achieve exceptionally well in all walks of life.

We believe that outstanding teaching and learning must be central to every decision made and every development introduced. We are looking for academies joining our Trust to work together to share best practice, resources and knowledge in all aspects of school life, so that all stakeholders make outstanding progress. We recognise that all schools have practice that is exemplary, even those facing challenges.

At the core of this ethos is our belief in investing in training and development for both staff and pupils to enable them to develop as individuals and professionals in order to achieve excellence. As a Trust, we are committed to ensuring that we train, develop and recruit outstanding professionals into our family of schools so that we provide only the best for all our pupils.

Through our links with quality tertiary providers, we have access to the most up-to-date research and training at the forefront of educational development. Through effective use of this professional and leadership development, we are able to provide learning journeys for aspiring professionals at all levels to develop into outstanding practitioners and leaders within our schools.

Why the Lion Academy Trust?

  • A proven track record of school transformation and school improvement
  • A relentless focus on improving outcomes for all children, irrespective of their situation
  • Breaking down barriers to learning and achievement
  • An opportunity to provide strategic support and specific expertise (Finance, Human Resources, Continuous Professional Development, IT etc) to support and focus on school improvement and development
  • Collegiality, co-construction and collaboration in practice
  • A unique understanding of school-to-school support, and how to tackle barriers to learning and improve outcomes – teachers supporting teachers
  • A belief in a collective approach – schools work better in collaboration than in isolation
  • Professional development opportunities for all staff by having a broader base for developing leaders
  • Greater scope for sharing school improvement expertise and continuous professional development
  • More opportunities for staff, recruitment, deployment and promotion
  • Increased economies of scale enabling more efficient procurement and central costs to be shared across a larger number of schools
  • A bigger platform for pioneering creativity and innovation
  • A stronger brand to attract parents and applications for admission
  • Effective and clear governance
  • A distinctive and successful teaching and learning model.