Meet the head

“At Maple Grove we ensure that all children are given access to high quality learning opportunities, as well as ensuring they’re happy, safe and lifelong values are instilled.”

- Daniel Lough


  • PGCE  - Northumbria University  (2009)
  • B.A. History (Hons.) - Newcastle University (2008)
  • Teacher from 2009-2014
  • Deputy Headteacher - 2014-2016
  • Head of school - 2016 -  

The values of the Trust are the values we work to instill at Maple Grove Primary and reflect the best approach to teaching and learning I have encountered - that every child is entitled to an outstanding education; that every child has skills and attributes that deserve to be recognised and allowed to flourish and that a great school should promote a positive culture of learning by ensuring that teaching and learning are engaging and purposeful experiences. 

At  Maple Grove Primary, the setting of the highest possible aspirations for our pupils enables them to overcome challenges and helps them develop resilience, perseverance and a thirst for success - all of which is critical to helping them now and throughout their lives.

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What does leading a primary school mean to you?

Leading a primary school means having a positive, lifelong impact on the
children that pass through the school. 

Instilling values in the staff and children that will stand them in good stead for the rest of the school journey and their adult lives. Giving all the children the best possible chances to achieve what they want to achieve and broaden their horizons when they enter secondary and adulthood.

Making adult and children recognise what they can aspire to and achieve and enabling these for all children.



What is the one thing about Maple Grove Primary School you wish more people could see or experience?

One thing that we would like people to see and experience more is to come in and see the high standards of behaviour and learning that we have in school, the positive atmosphere that permeates through the children and the staff.

We would also like people to come in and  experience for themselves how polite, friendly and aspirational the children are. To see how capable and successful children can be when they drive their own learning and surpass all expectations

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What are you the most proud of achieving in your tenure as Head of School at Maple Grove?

The achievement that I am most proud of is creating a community where the school is high performing, inclusive, positive and aspirational. Instilling a belief in the children that they can achieve. Changing the culture, mindset and belief so that staff and children aim high and achieve high.


“Transforming life chances comes from a partnership between teachers, parents and children. Through this effective partnership, children can achieve anything”

- Daniel Lough